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 -->> News <<

1)  RaP Clan Wins the Fun War with SnP Clan Held on March 18 ,   2014.Visit our Photo gallery or Funwar Section for the scores.

2)  New Game Panik is Added To Gaming Arena, Visit it Now to kill   Your time and   Stress!

3)  Pappan and Anmol are No Longer in RaP Clan and hence are not   allowed to use our tag in any case.    

->Ou U.S.P<-

1)  One of the Largest Clans in India!...                                (Diversity)
2)  Most Friendly Players!...                                                 (Humanity)
3)  Largest number of "Craked" Servers from India!...               (Duty)
4)  Loyal to the game Since 2010!...                                      (Loyality)
5)  Players United from Different parts of the Country!...               (Unity)

"Dealing with Backstabbers, There was One thing I learned, They're only Powerful when you Got Your Back Turned."
                                                                     - Eminem. 

~Format of Application~

1) Real Name ~
2) Cod tag ~
3) Since ~
4) Facebook ~
5) X~fire ~
6) E-Mail ~
7) Previous Clans ~
8) Any bans? ~
9) Reason for joining us~
10) What can u do for clan? ~
11) Who does u know in clan? ~

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